Ends & Pieces

by MeatWheel

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This is a collection singles and other stuff, ends and pieces if you will, currently available for mass consumption. As one fan so eloquently put it... "I don't know whether to love it or hate it, but in some strange way, I am drawn to this band!"


released October 31, 2011



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MeatWheel Tacoma, Washington

MeatWheel is your home base for chunky guitars and catchy riffs sprinkled with meaningless drivel and sometimes thought provoking subject matter for your enjoyment or general loathing. Take MeatWheel for a spin!

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Track Name: Chug-O-Nog Juggernaut
Christmas is the best time of year
When shelves are stocked with nog you know it's here
A gallon or two of this seasonal fixture
Means a season filled with delicious egg mixture
Makes me wanna scream out!

Chug-O-Nog Juggernaut
Crushing every single drop of nog that you've got
Chug-O-Nog Juggernaut
Get a funnel down your muzzle and guzzle a lot

Obsession for this potion will sweep the land
Unstoppable force consuming more is now at hand
While everybody else is Yuletide loggin
A Juggernaut is pouring more into his noggin
Juggernauts sing out!

Chug-O-Nog Juggernaut
Get a bib, take a sip, drink it down like a sieve
Chug-O-Nog Juggernaut
Here's a tip, get it quick, cause it's gone like McRib

Thick and rich, you better pour it quick
A season of drinking will make your stomach big
He doesn't dream of sugar plums, he's whipped into a frenzy
An avalanche of foaming nog will make him burn with envy
Elixir made from egg, you're gonna have to beg
When you're out of nutmeg, he doesn't break your leg
Or leave you in traction from a spinal force compaction
His only satisfaction is the nog slogging action

So pour yourself a mug and take a swig
And like the Hulk your eyes will glow, nog makes you big
The Juggernaut has come to life, an overwhelming force
With gobs of nog gushing forth a never-ending source
Juggernauts shout!

Track Name: Fainting At The Altar
Walking down the aisle
I crack a fragile smile
Knowing all the while
I'm fading...

Finished with the walk
My knees begin to lock
Slipping into shock
I'm gimcrack...

Fainting... Fainting at the altar
Fainting... I tremble and I falter

Going into prayer
Crumble do I dare
My mind just isn't there
I'm flacid...

Stand on rubber legs
My cup drained to the dregs
I'm out of Lite Brite pegs
I'm Caliban...

Fainting... I find it hard to focus
Fainting... Uncertain of my locus
Track Name: Monty's Top 10
Monty's top ten favorites of the week