Shock & Yawn

by ChiaPet

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ChiaPet reached it's pinnacle in the early 90's and released two albums, 'Ridiculous Clay Figure' and 'Flapjack Attack'. This compilation, which showcases songs from each of those albums, was recorded between 1990 and 1992 in various locations around the campus of Azusa Pacific University including, but not limited to, Smith Hall, Bowles and Shire Mod C2. These timeless classics were restored from their original 4-track masters and re-released as 'Shock & Yawn' in 2005.


released November 1, 2005



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MeatWheel Tacoma, Washington

MeatWheel is your home base for chunky guitars and catchy riffs sprinkled with meaningless drivel and sometimes thought provoking subject matter for your enjoyment or general loathing. Take MeatWheel for a spin!

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Track Name: Burrito Man
Green burrito acapulco
Del taco taco del
La tolteca el torito
Taco time and taco bell

This is where we go and find ourselves a seat
Down a plate o'ritos, gas for all let's eat

I am burrito man
Flour tort filled with meat in my hand
I like burritos man
Eatin' those burritos as fast as I can
I am burrito man
Downed so many I can hardly stand
I like burritos man
No spinach like Popeye am what I am

Tortilla enchilada
A plate of hot tamales
A basket full of cornbread
Some chili con carne
Burrit' with shredded cheese
Soft taco full of beef
A bag of sugar crustos
To make a feast complete

They all taste so good in mouth it's a siesta
But a hot plate o'ritos is Mexican fiesta
Track Name: Always & Forever
The first time that I saw you
I knew you would be mine
I'll give you all that I can give
Until the end of time

I don't know what to do
I just want to be with you

Always and forever
You and me will be together

If you would open up to me
I'll let you hold my heart
I promise love and hope that
you and me will never part
Track Name: Wailing & Gnashing
Termination means the end
The choke of death's grasp now begins
You ride in flames, burning flesh
Endless pain, this is the second death

Wailing in darkness
Gnashing of teeth
Seclusion from the Almighty
Intensifies the torment beneath

Scream in anguish, you ask why
God sent his Son in my place to die
I wish that you had told me man
Now I suffer with the damned

Rise up believers
This afflicted world must be saved
Not by our strength or our might
But through Jesus Christ raised from grave

Reigning with power
Ruling with might
Death's hold has been destroyed
Take and receive a new life in Christ
Track Name: Repent
Track Name: Rise Up
Lord help me I've made a mistake
The harder I try the more I give in
I don't want to hurt you, Lord I'm sorry
I do it again and again

I'm at war with myself
Lord I need strength show me your way
I feel like I'm losing, bound up in chains
I know I can change

Rise up
Through Jesus I'm forgiven
I'll stand for what is right
And change the world I live in
Rise up tonight

You're out there on your own
Nothing to live for, nothing to lose
You spend your days searching for the answers
It's your turn to choose

The days seem long and hopeless
No end to the night, you're lost in despair
Look at the truth, it's in front of your eyes
The answer is there

Rise up
Through Jesus you're forgiven
And stand for what is right
And change the world you live in
Don't give up the fight

Hold on
The night is almost over
Look back see how far you've come
Listen to the Spirit
The battle has been won
Track Name: Country Hoedown
Round up all the chickens
Tie up the family dog
We're on our way this country day to dance
So come along
There's a place on Friday night
Where the town folk come and talk
Have some fun 'til the night is done
To some down home honky-tonk

And the band will play
And everyone will dance
Take your lady by the hand
Promenade 'round got a real fine crowd
At the country hoedown
Swing your partner
Do-si-do don't let her go
Promenade 'round got a real fine crowd
At the country hoedown

Mama's cookin' vittles
On the old wood burnin' stove
Then we say our grace and eat the food
And out the door we go
Tonight we're gonna have ourselves
A good old fashion hay ride
Get all your friends and come along
This country western night

Workin' really hard today
Cause I got to fix my truck
Wrecked it doin' ninety
Yesterday in a twelve car pile-up
Hoedown comin' gotta get it fixed
Cause the tow-truck has me hooked
Marylou's gonna be real mad
Golly my goose is cooked
Track Name: Prophecy Of Doom
Isaiah 14:12-15
Track Name: Flapjack Attack
Here I sit, dreaming of those cakes
'Bout to throw a fit, eating the cakes mama makes
More batter, more butter please
I'll put away ten of these with ease

Give me a giant stack
Gotta have a flapjack
Aunt Jemima buttermilk attack
Eat flapjack stack back-to-back Jack

Pulled into the diner
Sat down at the stool
Sounded like a whiner
Screaming like a fool

Alice, I'll have a full stack

Chocolate chip on lip
Lose a drip in the flip, its hip
Don't skip you dip
Syrup soaks the cake, it rips
When the batter splatters
It really doesn't matter, start drinking batter
Now you're faster getting fatter
When your bladder spatters batter matter

Give me some more cakes
'Til I get a tummy ache
Eating piles of flappy jack steaks
When my gut breaks look out flyin' cakes
Track Name: Love Of My Life
Alone with you is a dream come true
My prayers have finally shown through
I'm flying high I feel so free
You know you do this to me

You touch my heart in a special way
You give me love everyday

You are the love of my life
You bring me joy
You fill my soul
You are the love of my life

Take my hand let's run away
True love is here to stay
Track Name: Take A Chance
You went to church on Sundays
You were Daddy's girl
Then you sold your heart
Now you're part of the world

Captured in a moment, all your hopes and dreams
Reaching for the glory you lost everything
You're living a lie, why fight

Why do you run away
My voice of love calls you today
Reach out, take a chance with me

The cost of love is high
And there's a price to pay
Your friends only care
For what you've got today

When the things are gone and you're on your own
My love will help you, my heart is your home
You're living a lie, come inside

You're crying lay your heart on the line
You've got everything but there's nothing inside
Take my hand we can fly away
Take my hand and fly
Track Name: Modern Cowboy
Riding 'cross the desert sand
Through heat and wind he'll make his stand
He knows no fear he's a mystery man
He's the modern cowboy
In silent calm there is no sound
When the moon is out and the sun's gone down
It's quiet as he enters town
He's the modern cowboy

Searching for the evil
That plagues the country's people
He rides the land alone
And danger he calls home
So watch out if you've stolen
Be careful if you've killed
'Cause this man takes all prisoners
And capture is his skill

As the day turns dark to light
With his gun at his side and his gloves on tight
It's time to fight the final fight
He's the modern cowboy
At noon the hammer is coming down
The victory is his in this showdown
He'll face the evil in this town
He's the modern cowboy

Salute the modern cowboy, the hero of the day
He'll win the winless fight, he'll take our fears away
Salute the modern cowboy, the hero of our lives
He's come to stop the madness
Our hope is in his eyes

The sun hung high up in the sky
The contest moment had arrived
Time for one of them to die
Evil or the cowboy
The madman drew and fired his gun
The cowboy fell, evil had one
The town stood silent in the burning sun
Staring at the cowboy

Victory is mine shouted the man
I killed the savior of this land
But from the dust and desert sand
Evil watched our cowboy stand
The hero fired just one round
And evil fell to the ground
It's over now he can't be found
The cowboy rules this town

Salute the modern cowboy, the hero of the day
He won the winless fight, he'll took our fears away
Salute the modern cowboy, the hero of our lives
He's came to stop the madness
Our hope is in his eyes